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Be the master of your fate; gather irrefutable evidence yourself.

NANSHEE is your proactive solution to prevent conflicts, domestic violence (DV), cyberbullying in schools, as well as incivility and other forms of moral and sexual harassment.

For example, More than one in five people have (or have been) confronted with harassment in the workplace.

Thus, NANSHEE is your ideal partner to ensure a safe and respectful work environment.

Statistics (U.S Focused)


Report enduring psychological and moral harassment


Have faced physical aggression physique


Have been victims of sexual harassment


Have encountered harassment more than three times

What is NANSHEE ?

NANSHEE is more than just a policy statement; it’s a practical, user-friendly, and effective approach to prevent harassment. Designed for real-world application, it’s an essential element in any modern workplace.

All-Around Protection

NANSHEE provides comprehensive defense for every team member against all harassment forms.

Cultivating a Positive Workplace

It nurtures a culture of trust and health, enhancing employee satisfaction and boosting productivity.

Legal Shield

NANSHEE offers legal protection, safeguarding your organization from potential legal challenges.

Commitment to Privacy

We ensure the utmost security of personal data, aligning with top-tier privacy regulations.

Incorporate NANSHEE into your CSR initiatives to forge a safer, more inclusive workplace. By adopting NANSHEE, you’re not just protecting your team; you’re elevating your brand’s commitment to ethical practices and social responsibility.

Partner with us to lead in creating a respectful and empowering work culture.

NANSHEE is crafted for simplicity and discretion, featuring seven essential functions:


Effortless and Confidential

Easy photo capture
Seamless video recording
Quick document scanning 
Efficient retrieval of documents from emails or internal systems d

Access to WhatsApp conversations
Live phone screen recording

Discreet audio recording



Data Security

With NANSHEE, files are safely managed offsite, featuring geolocation and timestamping for unmatched security and reliability.


Blockchain Excellence

Utilizing the eco-friendly TEZOS blockchain, Nanshee provides unbeatable real-time security and indisputable legal proof, all while being environmentally conscious.

Data Sovereignty

Our commitment to data sovereignty is unwavering, with zero reliance on Big Data, ensuring your information is handled with the utmost integrity and respect.

 Our product is geared towards a B2B audience, and we aim to provide this solution to businesses.

The cost will depend on the size and industry of the company.

Transform your workplace with NANSHEE.
Reach out today for a demo or to explore how our innovative solution can make your workplace safer and more productive.

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